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New mode of Protests!

Updated: May 7

Very soon we will have our Strike oN app available to make calls for protests against Uber and Lyft.

  • How will the mobile application work?

It is quite easy to use and very practical, although in the end it all depends on empathy, awareness, and the desire to support a change on the part of the drivers. No one is obliged to use it or be part of this movement.

Uber and Lyft drivers who are interested in being part of the movement should only download the app when it is available from the Apple Store or Play Store. The app will work with both systems, Android and iOS. Once you install it, you must create a user account with very basic information. You may use code names such as "Zeus" or "El Pidio" to maintain your anonymity. If you want to have a little more peace of mind, you can use a different email than the one you use with Rideshare companies.

Once the app is installed, you will be waiting for the alerts to make protests


The Alerts section is where drivers will receive stoppage requests. The alert will be in several languages. The alerts will ask drivers to leave the platforms on a specific day and time in advance. Drivers will receive notifications on their phone to enter the app and read the alerts.

  • What other options does the app have?

In the app we have a section that will be for news related to Rideshare. It can be accident alerts, blocked streets or avenues, changes in state or city laws towards Rideshare, progress made in the changes we seek, etc.


We also have another section where people can join chat groups by city. The application has within each city group a system similar to Facebook where they can share images and videos. People will be able to comment on the ads and like them. Users can configure their profiles and make them Private, that way they can maintain their anonymity.


  • What is the purpose of the app?

It is not unknown to everyone that Rideshare companies in Florida are abusing drivers, it is not just in Miami. Because to achieve changes it is necessary to unite hundreds or thousands of drivers, which is a very difficult and complex task even in the Latin community, we decided to create a tool that allows this unity and anonymously.

Why anonymity? Many drivers fear that Uber and Lyft will deactivate their accounts for fighting for their rights and better economic conditions. Uber and Lyft cannot deactivate them for claiming their rights. However, we decided to create a tool that allows them to remain anonymous so that they have greater peace of mind.

The mobile application will be managed by Miami Rideshare Union, where any activity and information will be kept secure and private. Our purpose with the app is to generate pressure against Uber and Lyft to improve the market. It is important to understand that the only way to generate change is to hit them where it hurts most, their pockets, ours are already damaged. Miami Rideshare Union is responsible for listening to drivers, educating drivers about this business, and relaying their complaints to these companies.

When drivers receive a request in the app to protest, all they have to do is read the call and turn off their apps for the time they are asked to do so. You do not need to go anywhere, no physical presence is necessary, you do not need to show your face to the public, your protest is peaceful and anonymous.

We want changes, we need changes, we deserve better for all the resources we use, time and risks.

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