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Is InDrive better?

Updated: May 7

The short answer is a big NO!

InDrive is just another company that wants a piece of the pie! They entered the market offering 100% profits for about 3 months, then he threw a stone, and then he had to throw another.

These companies will always look for ways to attract their workforce and customers. The 100% offer lasted longer than I expected, but it was a good strategy. In a few months they managed to sign up more than 10,000 drivers. When the first change came, they started with 10% of the rates. Something happened, or perhaps it was a strategy error, that after a month their fees were increased to 30%. It turns out that in the rest of the countries where they operate, they take an average of 13%. Why 30% in South Florida? Because the market and the offer (drivers allow it). Nothing stops them. In Florida, we are easy to exploit and nothing happens. If someone gets angry, don't take it the wrong way, it's reality.

What happens with InDrive other than they take 30%?

The first thing I am going to criticize is the business model. If Uber and Lyft are abusers for exploiting us by valuing our resources, time, and risks very low, what would be left for InDrive that allows people to set their price? Just imagine the fact that you get into a Yellow Taxi and tell the driver, "I'll give you $10 for my ride". You will say "Damn, I am the owner of my time, my car, my resources, the one who takes risks, the one who screws up his prostate, the one who has to deal with hemorrhoids and on top of that you come to tell me how much my work is worth?" But on top of that, they invite clients to pay poorly for the work and ZASSSSS I will take 30% from you. This is very, very, very bad.

This business model may be practical for Third World countries. For Latin American countries where there are high levels of poverty or a more limited economy, but here in the US, I don't see much of a future for it. In addition to the fact that the application is full of errors and I don't think this company spends what it requires to improve the app. There is also the difficulty of taking trips, it is a ring that provides a sense of misery; Let go who accepts less!!! Instead of, COME ON!!! Who offers a counteroffer where the value of the work is properly valued!

What's happening at InDrive? People, with a sense of need, with an erroneous concept of the values of the business they are exercising, simply grab whatever garbage falls into InDrive without valuing time, resources, expenses, losses, risks, etc. It is what it is, it is what I do. At least InDrive gives you the tool to better value your work “THE COUNTEROFFER” I don't do it for less than THAT much (the real value of everything that goes into your business) Wake up from the eternal sleep! No one is going to come to you to tell you what to do right or not. No one is going to show you the way to prosperity. Each of you must have the capacity and knowledge necessary to give value to your BUSINESS AND WORK. This is a self-employed business like any other Handyman, Plumber, Painter, Roof Repairer, Hairdressers, Barbers, etc. You don't see a barber as long as they have work to do to offer a haircut for $5 and their resources are MUCH MORE ECONOMIC THAN US!!!! Nobody puts a price on the work of a plumber, handyman, or painter. Wake up and try to value your business better.

We're going over there. I'm going to show examples of the atrocities I'm seeing. Important fact. For each trip I receive on InDrive, depending on time, distance, etc., I add $5, $10 and up to $20 more to what the client offers. It's my price, if you like it fine, if not, walk. Some accept, others do not. Relevant fact, I don't make offers disproportionately, I calculate that in the end the trip will pay me $2 per mile. I have to do this in a matter of seconds. Skill that you must develop to avoid grabbing whatever garbage falls.

Examples below


Breakdown of payments and percentage.

Total time: 22 minutes

Total miles: 8 miles

Offer: $12 USD

The first thing we must do is deduct 30% in our minds, quickly, quickly! You do not know? Learn, it's part of your job, or they won't stop screwing you.

Total payment to be received: $8.40 USD

These payments are estimates*

Pay per time: $0.13 x 22 minutes = $3.08 USD

Pay per mile: $0.66 x 8 miles = $5.28 USD

Paid to driver: $8.36 USD (closer to $8.40)

Now. Let's remove the expense value of $0.67 per mile (This is set by the IRS, not ME)

Pay per mile: $5.28 - $5.36 = -$0.08 (NEGATIVE 8 cents) What does this mean? That you didn't win money, but you lost. Your only real profit on this trip is Pay per time: $0.13 x 22 minutes = $3.08 USD minus $0.08 you lost in miles you earned, total $3.00 USD on this trip. Great, you are a barbarian.



Breakdown of payments and percentage.

Total time: 38 minutes

Total miles: 26.7 miles

Offer: $32 USD

The first thing we must do is deduct 30% in our minds, quickly, quickly!

Total payment to be received: $22.40 USD

These payments are estimates*

Pay per time: $0.13 x 38 minutes = $4.94 USD

Pay per mile: $0.67 x 26.07 miles = $17.46 USD

Total paid: $22.40 USD (these values are exact)

Now. Let's remove the expense value of $0.67 per mile

Pay per mile: $17.46 - $17.46 = $0.00 (YOU DON'T EARN ANYTHING PER MILE!!!!)

Your only real profit on this trip is Pay per time: $0.13 x 38 minutes = $4.94 USD This is your profit on this trip! Great WOW

Do you want me to continue? I have many examples to show. Well, I don't think I need to get repetitive. This information is enough to demonstrate what I already knew.

An important fact. Uber and Lyft have been operating since around 2014. Where do you think the generations of drivers who built these companies in this city and this state are? I would dare say that 90% of veteran Uber and Lyft drivers left a long time ago and continue to leave. Who are there now? The new generations who do not know what it means to make real money with this business. They don't know what it was like to make $200 in 3 hours of work on UberX! or regular Lyft. Why do these companies continue to add more and more and more and more drivers in an uncontrolled manner? Because the people they are interested in having on the platform are those who are

  • Exploitable

  • Those who don't know business

  • Those that are easy to manipulate

  • Those who believe this is a pay-per-time business

  • Those who do not handle technology well

  • Those who do not handle mathematics well

Those that work mechanically like

  • GET UP







I have been an Uber and Lyft driver for 10 years. I've sat in front of some Uber executives and confronted them. I have told them the truth to their face. I have criticized them directly and through the app for all the abuses they subject drivers to. I have an open professional and ethical war against Uber and Lyft. I don't fear them. I don't feel afraid of anything. They CANNOT simply deactivate me for expressing my disagreement. For fighting for my rights and those of other people. For ending the abuse and mess they have caused due to their greed of always wanting more and more, regardless of the damage they are causing.

To each driver. Your economy is being affected. Eventually, there will come times when the problems you will face will not have a solution. Uber and Lyft used you while you were useful, when you're in the hole, no one is going to rescue you. When your mistakes catch up with you, there is no God to stop them, they will crush you.

Join our cause. Support our purpose, which is simply to unite and have a voice.

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