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System Abuse

Updated: May 8

In the early days of Uber and Lyft, very few people used systems like Fake GPS to cheat the apps. The Fake GPS was the only one used by drivers to be able to grab the bonuses from the high demands. By simply using these applications, Uber and Lyft deactivated hundreds of accounts. They were very strict with the use of these applications.

As time went by, new applications came that affected the operation of Uber and Lyft because drivers were suffering economic damages. Unlike previous years, Dara Khosrowshahi, Logan Green and David Risher limited themselves to deactivating accounts due to the high volume of drivers using these tools such as MicroDroid, Fake GPS, Antennas to interrupt signals, among others.

The use of these tools to alter the operation of the Uber and Lyft applications does not directly impact the companies economically, but it does impact other drivers who are trying to earn an honest living. No driver who uses these methods cares about the damage they can cause, but neither do Uber and Lyft.

Besides. City governments create greater penalties for those who try to make better profits from their work. If they try to take cash trips that are better paid, they can face penalties ranging from fines to prison. While Uber and Lyft put pressure on paying pennies and exploiting drivers in cities like Miami, on the other hand, the government penalizes drivers who are trying to survive. I don't blame people who use these tools to improve their profits, but this is not right. The government of Florida and its cities are not helping at all. They are fully on the side of the companies, regardless of the damage they are causing to society.

It's sad to hear occasionally that a driver has lost his car or is about to even be left without a place to live because he depends 100% on Uber. There are people who have been working for Uber or Lyft for years and cannot do other types of work for professional or personal reasons. Buying a $30,000 or more car to do Uber or Lyft is a risky investment with a cost that a regular job can't cover. The entire blame for these problems lies with Uber and Lyft, and they are supported 100% by our state and local governments.

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