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Joining forces!

Jurek Martinez

14 feb 2024

Coalition between groups

We are pleased to announce that a few days ago we have started the coalition between Miami Rideshare Union, Independent Drivers Guild (UDG) and Justice For App Workers.

Independent Drivers Guild (UDG) is an affiliate of the Machinists Union District 15 of app-based drivers. They are Uber, Lyft, Via, Juno workers united for a fair ride-sharing industry. They are arguably one of the strongest unions in the entire U.S. This new coalition will help both sides create better strategies to fight the Ride-share companies. Not only that, but they saw how we are handling the situation in Miami and were interested in supporting us with the necessary resources.

On the other hand, Justice For App Workers has more than 130,000 drivers and delivery people. They work alongside various groups that have been organizing throughout the US and also offer them support. This group of people are taking on the multi-billion dollar app industry to achieve dignity at work. They fight for living wages, a safe work environment, an end to unfair deactivation, quality health care benefits, and the right to form a union.

They understand that, for too long, the balance of power in our industry has been rigged to benefit corporations like Uber and Lyft. While app companies make profits, workers suffer. Now, ride-share drivers and delivery workers represented by a growing number of coalition partner organizations are launching a historic movement to achieve justice in our jobs. This organization started in New York and has already expanded to Illinois.

Starting February 14, this new union will look for ways to achieve improvements for the state of Florida. A market that has been sold 100% to these Ride-share companies without thinking about the economic stability of the drivers, without thinking about their safety or legal support.

Thanks for your support. We hope to have great achievements and take our plans and strategies to other cities.

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