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Meeting with Uber Successful

Jurek Martinez

11 feb 2024

Meeting with senior Uber executives

Last February 7, 2024, we managed to meet with 14 senior Uber executives and 2 Uber Crew Members.

It was a big challenge for me to have to prepare a 16-page document of issues we are currently raising in just 2 days, and then have to present some of those issues to senior executives at Uber.

In my personal opinion, I consider the meeting to be a complete success. The first objective was to be able to deliver to the people who are mostly responsible for all our problems 16 pages exposing the abuse and manipulation that is being experienced today not only in Miami but globally.

Because there is a confidentiality requirement on Uber's part, we cannot offer many details about what happened at the meeting. The truth is that very few people have managed to have Uber face to be able to tell them in their faces all the abuse and exploitation to which we are subjecting ourselves.

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